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Jerk ‘N Baked Chicken Breast on Coconut Cilantro Rice

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Moist baked, chicken breast marinated in spicy onion, jerk-styled puree accompanied with a bed of soothing coconut rice and refreshing cilantro.


Calories (per serving)523
Total Fat19 g23%
Saturated Fat6 g30%
Monounsaturated Fat6 g
Polyunsaturated Fat3 g
Trans Fat0 g
Cholesterol47 mg16%
Sodium262 mg11%
Potassium261 mg7%
Total Carbohydrate57 mg19%
Dietary Fiber8 g33%
Sugars13 g
Protein25 g49%


2  skinless, boneless chicken breasts
2  tbsp canola oil
1/2  onion
5  green onions
4  garlic cloves
1  2-3" chunk of ginger
2-3  seeded, stems removed jalapeños
5  leaves removed, thyme sprigs
1  tbsp brown sugar
1  tbsp tamari sauce (low sodium)
1/2  tsp cayenne pepper
1/2  tsp black pepper
3  tsp ground all spice
1/2  tsp cumin
2  tbsp apple cider vinegar
1/4  cup lime juice 
1/2  cup coconut milk
1  cup chicken broth, low sodium
1  cup brown rice
1/4  chopped fresh cilantro
salt  pepper to taste
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In a food processor, blend onions, thyme, jalapeños, ginger and garlic with canola oil.  Add sugar, spices and soy. If to dry, add more canola oil.
Pour marinade into a glass bowl and whisk in the apple cider vinegar and lime juice. ​
Reserve half of the marinade and pour the rest on the chicken breasts. Seal and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. You can do this the night before and let it marinade for extra goodness.
​Preheat oven at 375.  Turn the cook top on to medium high heat, spray cooking oil on a pan and sear the marinated chicken breasts to seal the juices in. 2 minutes each side or until browned.
​Lay the breasts on a lined baking sheet and spoon that reserved marinade on top. Go as heavy or as light as you like. Bake each side for 9 minutes, spoon more marinade over the other side of the chicken​
Mix rice with coconut milk and chicken broth. Bring to a boil and then reduce to simmer. Add more coconut oil if you need more liquid.
Remove chicken from oven and let it rest for 5 minutes before slicing into it. ​
Season rice with salt and fold in fresh cilantro.